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Back once again for 2024

Back once again for 2024, we’ve now built a database of more than 4,000 law firm websites with all the relevant and important performance metrics.  Updated every week and storing historical data, this is the largest resource of its kind in the world – and it’s free to access for law firms.

The previous years’ reports looked at the fundamentals of the UK’s Top 200 law firms, as ranked in revenue terms by The Lawyer. This year, we continue to rely on the fundamental markers of website performance, such as Trust Flow, referring domains and page speed. But we also have a new challenge – Google’s Page Experience update.

Giving your prospective clients a streamlined page experience has never been more important. Your customers need speed and accessibility across all devices – and now, this becomes a ranking factor for search engines.

Now we make the data available for all law firms to see how they stack up against the competition with our Legmark Dashboard.

The top 3 legal firms of 2024 based on Legmark Index


New features

In addition to a new section on Google’s Core Web Vitals, we’re also looking at star players this year. We’re helping you to benchmark your firm against your biggest competitors. Discover insights such as:

  • Which firm has leapt up the tables thanks to their mobile performance?
  • Which firms are hot on their page experience but lagging behind in their online reputation?
  • How do external factors such as mergers affect overall website performance?

Want a sneak peek?

You can find the Top 200 UK law firms by their Legmark rank in 2024 in the table below.

Want the latest rankings, updated regularly? In our new dashboard you can see the performance of thousands of firms across the UK and compare your firm’s performance with that of your competitors and we rank over 3,200 websites each month.

Looking for old reports or historical data?

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