The Legmark Legal Sector Website Performance Analysis 2021

Back once again for 2021, the third instalment of the Legmark Legal Sector Website Performance brings a wealth of new developments for the industry.

Our 2021 report looks at the fundamentals of the UK’s Top 200 law firms, as ranked in revenue terms by The Lawyer. This year, we continue to rely on the fundamental markers of website performance, such as Trust Flow, referring domains and page speed. But we also have a new challenge for 2021 – Google’s Page Experience update.

Giving your prospective clients a streamlined page experience has never been more important. Your customers need speed and accessibility across all devices – and now, this becomes a ranking factor for search engines.

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To say thanks to all those who’ve consulted our reports before, we’re offering an early bird price for the 2021 report. Save £100 when you download the report before England, Wales or Scotland get knocked out of the Euro 2021 tournament – just £99 +VAT, or £199 +VAT thereafter.

The top 3 legal firms of 2021 based on Legmark Index Revenue are:

1st place: Stephensons

2nd place: Lindsays

3rd place: Irwin Mitchell

New features for 2021

In addition to a new section on Google’s Core Web Vitals, we’re also looking at star players this year. We’re helping you to benchmark your firm against your biggest competitors. Discover insights such as:

  • Which innovative firm climbed an incredible 165 places thanks to their mobile performance?
  • Which firms are hot on their page experience but lagging behind in their online reputation?
  • How do external factors such as mergers affect overall website performance?

Want a sneak peek?

You can find the top 200 UK law firms along with their revenue rankings for 2020 and their Legmark Index revenue adjusted for 2021 in the table below.

This is just a taste of what you’ll be able to find in the full report!

wdt_ID Revenue Rank 2020 Name Legmark Index Revenue Adjusted Legmark Index Revenue Adjusted Change from 2020
1 148 Stephensons 1 39
2 153 Lindsays 2 13
3 25 Irwin Mitchell 3 27
4 155 Nelsons 4 84
5 115 Wright Hassall 5 36
6 184 Stowe Family Law 6 74
7 16 Pinsent Masons 7 -4
8 31 HFW 8 23
9 74 JMW 9 45
10 37 Slater and Gordon 10 14
Revenue Rank 2020 Name Legmark Index Revenue Adjusted Legmark Index Revenue Adjusted Change from 2020

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And if you’re not in the Top 200…

Don’t sweat it. This comprehensive report is just as applicable to smaller firms as it is the UK Top 200. In fact, we saw 10 new entrants for 2021, so what’s to stop your firm from entering in 2022?

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You’ll notice we’ve included a fair few ‘radar graphs’ in our 2021 analysis – helping you to benchmark yourself against your closest competitor to determine where you’re winning and losing. Using a bespoke 8-point scoring system, this can help you to identify opportunities for improvement – pushing you up the rankings and nailing those conversions.

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