Website design for law firms

Crafting websites that help your law firm attract more visitors, generate more leads and retain more clients.


Website design for solicitors

Your law firm’s website design doesn’t only refer to the visual layout. It includes how Google-compliant it is and whether it’s been structured with SEO in mind. Everything from how quickly your pages load, your conversion rates, and the ease of organically finding your pages come down to your website design. Whether you are a lawyer offering a single service or a multinational law firm; we have the knowledge and know-how to produce a website that looks stunning and organically generates leads.

Why do many law firms struggle to use website design effectively?

Without an in-house team knowledgeable about SEO and law firm website design, it’s challenging to know what your website should look like on the front and backends. Many law firms outsource the development of their website, but not all agencies offer web design developers who are experts at building successful sites that can sell legal services.

When building a new legal website, if you don’t start with a thorough SEO planning phase and skip important pages or content, your website misses out on the benefits that come with the correct use of redirects and internal linking.

If you’re not using the best platform for your type of attorney website, you also risk failing key search engine tests. For example, the Google page speed tests, which evaluates your accessibility and user experience, consider this when ranking your page on search results.

Poor website design would not only affect potential clients’ experience on your page, but it could make your law practices’ website difficult to find.


How can you easily overcome these challenges?

The right law firm web design team will build you a site to gain new leads and business. Taking SEO best practice and user experience (UX) insights into consideration will drastically improve your online performance.

Who is Legmark?

We are a network of industry leaders and experts with years of experience in all aspects of online marketing for law firms. Each project benefits from lessons learned and skills developed across building and re-building hundreds of websites. For over 20 years, our team has been setting up high-converting and ranking lawyer websites using WordPress and other software.

  • We were voted Best Specialist Legal Marketing Services as part of Acquisition International Magazine’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards and runner up for the Marketing & Communication Strategy of the Year in 2020 at the Modern Law Awards.
  • Our clients boast fast, easy to use websites created with UX and SEO based foundations. We’ve worked together with over 200 top UK law firms to deliver the best return on their investments and build websites with an excellent return on investment.

What are the benefits of using us to improve your law firm's website design?

  • Because we factor in SEO and UX, your site is optimised throughout, starting from the fundamental structure of your website right through to the nuanced wording we use.
  • We are a one-stop shop where SEO experts work together with website design experts under one roof. You don’t need to bring in other agencies or consultants because we have the best in each field to ensure you receive first-class service with only one point of contact.
  • Our team is not only experienced in building from scratch but also in taking what already exists and optimising it. That means that if you already have a site that isn’t working, we can simply come in and fix what’s broken – saving you time and money.


“Sam played a pivotal role in the company’s development into a leading award-winning consumer law firm serving more than 100,000 clients per year.

His leadership and expertise in digital marketing and communications has been a crucial element in the success of the business.”

Paul Hinchliffe
Managing Partner
Bott and Co Solicitors

How do we achieve website design success for your law practice?

At Legmark, our focus is placed on building a site that ranks well on search engines and has a high conversion rate. The result is more inbound enquiries. Because visual aesthetics are necessary, we ensure your website is pleasing to the eye. Our goal is to create a website that is also a lead-generating machine that grows your business.

  • We always spend time ensuring we are on the same page. Your business objectives and requirements are considered in every decision we make, and we work together towards the goals of your website.
  • Knowing that loading speed is an essential metric for ranking algorithms, our experts avoid using code-heavy page-builder plugins. Instead, we create bespoke code, written especially for your unique display. This means a cleaner code to load, making your page faster, more responsive, and earning it a higher ranking with search engines. It also makes your site more user friendly, and your clients will have a positive experience engaging with you online.
  • This also means our sites are easy to update in-house in the future and can be quickly refreshed to ensure they stay ahead of the game from an SEO perspective. We believe in leaving control of the site you are paying for with you. While we are here to action any requests and make recommendations based on our knowledge, ultimately, you are still in the driving seat. Our sites are built to allow you the flexibility to change, remove, or update any element of the site in the future.
  • We approach projects with transparency. From day one, you will have access to our team and project management tools, allowing you to review and comment as we build.
  • All our websites are built with both desktop and mobile responsive design in mind. We are not only experts at making it work to perfection, but we also have years of experience ensuring it looks good. Your brand’s corporate identity will be carried through seamlessly, guaranteeing your new website will fit in with your broader business identity perfectly.
  • Legmark isn’t only with you through the build phase. Our team will be on standby during and after the launch to ensure everything runs smoothly, and we are available for any future updates you might need as well.

Our Guarantees

  • We only use trusted experts and leaders in their field, so you are guaranteed to have senior personnel working on your site.
  • Unlike other agencies, with us, you won’t only get two rounds of feedback and then radio silence. We believe strongly in delivering on our performance promise and will keep adjusting and correcting until everything works to deliver the ROI you expect.
  • Our contracts are flexible, and you can cancel any time. That’s why we leave control of your site with you, so nothing will be held hostage to force you into a partnership.
  • There are no hidden costs or additional licence fees for your website platform. What you see on the initial invoice is what you pay.

Don’t forget…

Reach out to us today to find out how we can work with you to ensure your website is working just as hard as you are to generate more leads and business. We are a small agency, which means we can only take on a certain number of projects at a time, so don’t hesitate. When the cost of not having a well-designed website is so high, you can’t afford to wait any longer before you take action.

Legmark Makes Your Legal Marketing, with leading tools, knowledge and know-how.