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Why do many law firms struggle to use digital marketing effectively?

There simply aren’t enough people qualified in digital marketing. Those few resources who are trained tend to look for modern, digital-led industries to work in. That makes it very difficult to build your own in-house digital marketing team within the legal sector.

On the other hand, outsourcing your digital marketing needs can be tricky. Many agencies take over complete control without fully understanding the nuances of the legal industry. In law, the little details matter. Handing your firm’s online presence over to someone who doesn’t know about law firms is sometimes not an option.

If you work with the wrong team, you won’t see good results for the budget you’re spending. In addition, this could also harm your reputation, search engine rankings and potential clients.


How can you easily overcome these challenges?

Whether you have or haven’t invested in building your in-house online marketing team. Consulting with experts in digital marketing who are also knowledgeable and skilled in working within the legal sector specifically will make a big difference.

We can come in to assist in identifying current problem areas. Showing you how to fix them before handing them back to your staff. On the other hand, we can run the solutions for you.

Who is Legmark?

As the preferred law firm digital marketing agency for the Manchester Law Society, we are leaders in the niche digital marketing industry for law firms. We’ve been working in this market for over a decade. In other words, bringing those years of experience in online marketing best practices and law firm marketing to your firm’s unique challenges.

We have won numerous awards for our work in digital marketing. In 2021, we were awarded Best Specialist Legal Marketing Service in the UK as part of the Acquisition International Magazine Global Excellence Awards. Also, in 2020, we were the runner up Marketing & Communication Strategy of the year at the Modern Law Awards.

Our team have been published in major SEO publications. They have had the honour of judging the UK’s most prestigious annual Search Awards. In conclusion, we are highly regarded as industry leaders and experts in our field.

What are the benefits of using us to run your digital marketing campaigns?

  • What sets us apart from other agencies is that our team have legal sector experience. In addition, we have worked in-house with lawyers & law firms, so understand the nuances of applying digital marketing principles to the law firm environment.
  • We’re a one-stop shop. Offering full-service digital marketing expertise across all aspects of a digital campaign. Without having to bring in multiple agencies to work together.
  • By outsourcing your digital marketing efforts to Legmark, you reduce the risks. Even overhead costs associated with employing an in-house team to do the work. Moreover, you have the benefit of a range of experience at your fingertips when you need us.
  • Offering an initial diagnostics service. We will run an analysis of your current digital marketing strategy and identify areas we think could be improved. This allows you to get a look at what we do without committing to a long-term contract.

“Sam played a pivotal role in the company’s development into a leading award-winning consumer law firm serving more than 100,000 clients per year.
His leadership and expertise in digital marketing and communications has been a crucial element in the success of the business.”

Paul Hinchliffe
Managing Partner
Bott and Co Solicitors

How do we achieve digital marketing success for you?

At Legmark, we believe that the measure of a successful digital marketing campaign is your return on investment. We understand the legal sector and the intricacies of working with a law firm.  Knowing how to apply our years of experience and lessons learned in digital marketing to your unique strategy. Furthermore, we customise the tools available to us to ensure they perfectly fit your firm’s identity.

We’re an agency that specialises in all aspects of digital marketing. Which means you benefit from having choices when you work with us. Our team is skilled and highly experienced. Working with firms of all sizes and adapting our offering to meet your specific needs. We have decades of experience in SEO, PPC, social media marketing and email marketing.

This allows you to select how we can assist you. Whether you need a complete digital marketing service or only want to consult Legmark on a specific area of your marketing strategy. Our experts are here to ensure you see results.

No matter how big or small your firm is, we will work to understand your objectives and challenges. Tailoring our offer to meet those needs. We believe in regular feedback and reviews and making changes as the campaign progresses to ensure you see the results you’re looking for.


Our Guarantees

  • Our contracts are flexible. Allowing you to adjust your budget as you require and giving you the option to cancel any time if you’re not happy with the results.
  • Since we believe in giving you control, you always have ownership and full access to your account and data. If you decide to leave, the data goes with you.
  • Legmark only employs senior experts in the sector. Meaning your account will be handled by someone with the knowledge and skills, gained through years of hands-on work. It will not be handed over to a junior to manage as they learn.
  • We guarantee results and a return on your investment. Not only caring about increasing your number of leads; but also focusing on the quality of those leads. If something isn’t working the way it’s meant to; we will investigate and adjust to ensure you get your money’s worth.
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Specialist Digital Marketing Consultancy For Law Firms

Pick up the phone to one of the leading, and most innovative, legal sector digital marketing experts in the UK.

Founder of Legmark, Sam Borrett, provides phone and video 1-2-1 consultancy on any aspect of your digital marketing and has helped a number of firms from SMEs to the top 200. Don’t underestimate just how much more money you can make from your digital marketing activity.

If you weren’t already making this a priority before the pandemic, then you absolutely should be now.


Digital marketing can have a very high ROI for your firm if done correctly. It can only increase the growth of your business once you start investing in your future.

We’re a smaller agency, which limits the number of accounts we can focus on at any given time. Once we are full, you’ll have to go on a waiting list, and that could delay your growth.

Don’t risk missing out by waiting to contact us.

Call us on 0161 818 8448 or send us an email at to find out how we help you. Who knows, we might even be able to give you some tips to get started with right there on that initial call, so don’t wait!

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