Digital Marketing Consultancy

Supporting your entire digital marketing plans with legal marketing experts who have been in your chair.


Specialist Digital Marketing Consultancy For Law Firms

Pick up the phone to one of the leading, and most innovative, legal sector digital marketing experts in the UK.

Founder of Legmark, Sam Borrett, provides phone and video 1-2-1 consultancy on any aspect of your digital marketing and has helped a number of firms from SMEs to the top 200. Don’t underestimate just how much more money you can make from your digital marketing activity.

If you weren’t already making this a priority before the pandemic, then you absolutely should be now.


Save thousands of pounds on agency retainers

You no longer need to sign up for retainers to get the benefit of the wisdom and insight Sam has to offer.  You can book ad-hoc appointments at your convenience and have as many, or as few, sessions as you like.

This is not just for consumer and private client services – there are tens of thousands of searches every month for a wide number of corporate and commercial legal services.  If you’re not getting those people to your website to make new enquiries, then your competitors are.

Invest just £200 plus VAT for over an hour of Sam’s time fully focused on your digital marketing.  There’s absolutely no risk either – if you’re not happy we’ll give you your money back.

If you want to:

  • increase customers,
  • improve conversion rates, and
  • retain more clients

all leading to greater profitability – then we can help.

How to book a consultancy session

It’s simple to book. Just visit our Calendly page, select a time, provide your website address and list of problems you want to address, and make the online payment. Super easy, done in minutes, and gets you on the way to making more money through your website.

Many top 200 firms have already benefitted from calls with Sam, who has provided them with actionable insights on how to improve their marketing performance – leading to huge ROIs on the cost of the advice.

This is an easy to access, affordable way to secure immensely valuable knowledge specifically for your business from the most exciting and innovative legal digital marketing talent in the country.

Money Back Guarantee

Because I’m so confident I can provide real value to you within our hour call and in the prep and research I undertakebeforehand, if you don’t feel you had value from the time with me, we’ll simply refund your money. No questions asked.

Why You’ll Benefit

Sam was running digital PR and content marketing campaigns in the legal sector over a decade ago – law firms are only really now beginning to catch on to the power of digital PR.

Sam was also the first to implement an independent reviews platform system into a law firm website – before everyone else caught up.

Now we’re moving the goalposts again, through Legmark, as the digital marketing industry will not look the same in five years.

What we’re bringing to the legal sector over the coming months will change the way law firms approach digital marketing forever.

Get on board now, and get ahead of the competition.

“Sam played a pivotal role in the company’s development into a leading award-winning consumer law firm serving more than 100,000 clients per year.
His leadership and expertise in digital marketing and communications has been a crucial element in the success of the business.”

Paul Hinchliffe
Managing Partner
Bott and Co Solicitors



Leading Legal Sector Digital Marketing Consultant

Sam is a multi-award-winning marketing expert and the director of Legmark – a specialist law firm marketing agency – working with the legal sector to improve digital and online performance.

  • He transformed Bott and Co Solicitors into one of the largest consumer law firms in the UK, based on individual clients (over 100,000 per year), and managed the marketing of the firm between 2014-2018 when they had the 5th highest revenue growth of all UK law firms.
  • Sam was responsible for bringing the area of flight delay law to the UK public in 2013 as part of his work with Bott and Co, winning several awards in the process for marketing and PR campaigns.
  • He has worked alongside some of the world’s largest and most prestigious media and digital agencies in conversion optimisation, PPC, and social media advertising.
  • Sam turned his extensive in-house law firm experience into launching his own legal marketing agency to help other law firms in the same way he’s helped Bott and Co.
  • With a team of over a dozen Legmarkers, he now works for a range of clients in the legal sector on business development, SEO, website performance, content marketing, and conversion optimisation, among many other areas.

Legmark Makes Your Legal Marketing, with leading tools, knowledge and know-how.