Legal Sector Website Performance Analysis 2019

The largest website audit of the UK legal sector – ever!

The legal sector is way behind many other industries when it comes to digital marketing. There are huge opportunities for revenue growth and business development online that only a relatively small number of firms are taking advantage of.

Digital marketing done properly, can reap massive rewards for law firms, as we’ve seen with the work we’ve done with a law firm over the last few years that has seen them ranked in the top 5 in the entire UK for revenue growth between 2014-2018 – according to The Lawyer UK200 report.

We analysed the website performance of the top 200 UK law firms, as ranked by revenue, and reviewed key data from a range of sources to allow you to see how your business compares to your competitors and other law firms of a similar size.

We’ve included the data in the tables below but for a free PDF report with an explanation of the key performers, and a closer look at groups of law firms, click here.

The first table below shows the firms ranked for their total score across all the data we analysed and their total score adjusted for their revenue ranking to give a better idea of the effectiveness of their digital marketing.

We also include our very first ‘Legmark Weighted Index’ which is a calculation based on 6 key metrics from our full set of data, weighted to reflect the importance they have in website ranking and performance.  The first column in the table is the Legmark Index adjusted for the law firm’s revenue rank – this is the most comprehensive analysis on the Internet of the relative performance of the top 200 law firms.

Click here to access the full legal sector digital audit report

And the winner is…

If you haven’t got time now to check out how you and your competitors rank in the data in the tables below then we’ve summarised the top 3 for the two important categories below.  If you don’t want to know the scores, then look away now…

The Total Score includes performance from all 11 sets of data we analysed. The top three for Total Score (adjusted for revenue) are:

  1. Stowe Family Law
  2. Bott and Co
  3. BPE Solicitors

Stowe Family Law are ranking for a large number of keywords given their size. They also do well on traffic value and referring domains.

Bott and Co are second only to Irwin Mitchell on traffic value for a much smaller set of keywords and have a very fast website.

BPE Solicitors score well across most metrics given their size and also benefit from a quick website.


The top three on the revenue adjusted Legmark Index (a weighted calculation of 6 key criteria) are:

  1. Stowe Family Law
  2. Barlow Robbins
  3. Hudgell Solicitors

Stowe Family Law are in top spot thanks to very strong performance, relative to their size, across some of the key criteria including a high number of referring domains.

Barlow Robbins do well on several of the most important metrics including their domain rank and trust scores.

Hudgell Solicitors benefit from solid speed scores and strong domain rank to help them hit 3rd place on the index.


Get the full 20 page PDF report and analysis of all 200 firms here.


Note – due to the volume of data, the tables are best viewed on a desktop or laptop device.  We’ve adjusted the table as of 12 March 2019 to reflect updated data for Stewarts Law, which has affected their overall position on the Legmark Index.


How to use the table below

  • You can find your firm by using the search box to the top right of the table.
  • Click on column headers to sort ascending and descending.
  • Use the ‘show 25 entries’ to select all the listings in one table or navigate through the pages at the bottom
  • Total Score represents the performance across all 11 criteria we analysed
  • Legmark Index is the score we’ve calculated based on performance across the 6 key criteria
  • We’ve shown the ‘revenue adjusted’ rankings to better highlight the effectiveness of that firm’s marketing activity.
  • To get your free PDF report with detailed breakdown of the highlights and how you can improve your performance – click here.


Legmark Website Performance Index

wdt_ID Revenue Rank 2018 Legmark Index (Revenue Adjusted) Firm name Total Score Rank Total Score (Revenue Adjusted) Legmark Website Index
1 1 105 DLA Piper 12 120 67.70
2 2 106 Clifford Chance 6 113 67.65
3 3 117 Hogan Lovells 18 132 66.50
4 4 149 Allen & Overy 27 144 60.30
5 5 99 Linklaters 5 103 66.80
6 6 132 Norton Rose Fulbright 43 158 63.05
7 7 119 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 23 135 63.30
8 8 88 CMS 3 89 69.75
9 9 100 Herbert Smith Freehills 7 98 65.50
10 10 91 Eversheds Sutherland 22 123 67.00
Revenue Rank 2018 Legmark Index (Revenue Adjusted) Firm name Total Score Rank Total Score (Revenue Adjusted) Legmark Website Index

** Data for Stewarts Law updated 12 March 2019

The full data table is below with 2,600 pieces of information in there. All the data is available through paid digital marketing and SEO software.

What we analysed:


This data is from Ahrefs and is their estimate of the number of keywords that website is appearing in the search results for.

Traffic Value

This is an estimate from Ahrefs for the value of the website traffic generated from the keywords based on the equivalent cost of paying for this traffic through PPC.

Bounce Rate

From SEMrush this estimates the number of website visits that ‘bounce’ straight off the site after reaching one of the landing pages – it’s a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

Time on Site

Also from SEMrush this estimates the amount of time each session lasts on your website.  Again, a ranking factor for Google as an indicator of website content quality and user experience.

Referring Domains

A major factor in how well your website ranks is the number (and quality) of the links from third party websites.  Google consider this as an indicator of trust and authority.

Citation Flow

A metric from Majestic that assess the volume of links to your site (link juice).

Trust Flow

The second Majestic metric that measures the quality of the links – so a site with high Citation Flow and low Trust Flow could be considered to have many low quality or ‘spammy’ links.

Pingdom Grade

This is a speed and performance test through the Pingdom web tool that analyses a domain and returns an overall grade out of 100.  Speed of website is a Google ranking factor as well as being shown to improve conversion rates.

GTmetrix Speed

GTmetrix provide a detailed breakdown of the website performance against best practices, based on the ‘front end’ loading – how it appears to the user.


This is another GTmetrix score using Yahoo’s 34 rules that affect website performance.

Domain Rank

From Ahrefs software the Domain Rank is the link popularity of your website relative to others across the world on a scale of 0-100.


The full data table is below so you can view, sort, and search through all 2,600 table entries to see how your firm stacks up.


Legal Sector Digital Audit

wdt_ID Rank by Revenue Firm name Keywords Traffic Value £ Bounce Rate Time on Site Referring Domains Citation Flow Trust Flow Pingdom Grade GTmetrix Speed Yslow Score Ahrefs Domain Rank
1 1 DLA Piper 166,000 114,000 60.23 2.57 10,662 45 57 70 63 75 79
2 2 Clifford Chance 74,300 21,300 55.54 1.44 5,171 51 60 80 60 74 74
3 3 Hogan Lovells 141,000 82,800 45.31 2.22 6,950 47 59 69 74 55 77
4 4 Allen & Overy 102,000 21,200 59.01 3.15 5,272 46 60 74 11 59 75
5 5 Linklaters 62,400 17,600 51.52 3.35 3,770 44 58 74 81 68 73
6 6 Norton Rose Fulbright 182,000 55,500 58.64 2.30 8,752 54 57 63 49 48 76
7 7 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 51,100 11,500 63.96 4.13 4,247 42 54 70 61 70 72
8 8 CMS 40,731 60,400 70.39 4.09 6,695 52 55 80 77 76 76
9 9 Herbert Smith Freehills 66,900 32,700 64.09 2.52 2,508 44 52 75 77 75 71
10 10 Eversheds Sutherland 89,600 19,000 47.93 2.20 3,111 68 48 73 63 60 75
Rank by Revenue Firm name Keywords Traffic Value £ Bounce Rate Time on Site Referring Domains Citation Flow Trust Flow Pingdom Grade GTmetrix Speed Yslow Score Ahrefs Domain Rank

** Data for Stewarts Law updated 12 March 2019


We used the following software and web tools to perform the analysis:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Majestic
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom

Data was collected between 8/1/2019 and 25/1/2019 at various times of day and days of the week.

The URL used was the URL displayed in the address bar when site loaded from a Google search of the law firm.

All searches were performed on Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 64bit

Some of the data is estimated by the software based on the calculations made according to the information it has available. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of those calculations – if you want to send us your data from Google Analytics, we will update the tables accordingly.

For the full report and analysis PDF including insights into what firms can do to improve their performance, fill out the form by clicking here and we’ll send you the report by email.