Author: Sam Borrett | Date: 7 November 2019

Content Optimisation – Improve Your Website Performance

We’ve launched a new service for law firms looking to improve their website performance and increase their Google rankings to get more traffic.

It’s very simple – which is why we think you’ll love it.

  • If your website is not performing as well as you want it to, we can help.
  • If your important pages are not ranking well in Google or you want better conversion rates, we can sort them out.
  • If you’ve written lots of blogs but you’re not sure how to measure the return on the time and effort, we can give you the answers.

Try our content optimisation service.

Our team are specialists in content and copywriting in the legal sector having written hundreds of thousands of words for various websites, legal publications, and high-profile legal sector personalities.

We know how to write for both search engines and for web visitors, so our content ranks highly in Google and converts well.

We combine knowledge and data from tens of thousands of legal sector web pages we have access to in Google Analytics to determine what performs best and how to get you improved results for your site.

All you need to do is let us know which pages on your site you want to improve – or we can run our own analysis and let you know where would be best to start!

Then we review the data for the relevant pages in a number of software tools including Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush, and Screaming Frog, and send you the updated improved content for your approval.

Clients have seen content written by our team outrank much bigger law firms for target search terms and generate thousands more website visitors and hundreds of new clients for their legal services.

Writing high-performing web pages was one of the key elements to the success our Director, Sam Borrett, had at Bott and Co Solicitors.  Under his marketing management the firm saw the 5th highest revenue growth of all UK law firms between 2014-18 and revenue from the website was crucial in achieving this.

Sam has now put his many years of experience writing legal content to good use for other law firms to show how it’s possible to outperform much bigger companies for your target keyword searches.

If you want better results from your investment in your website, or you want to leap ahead of the competition, then try our content optimisation service.  We can start on just one page if you want to test the water – it’s easy to scale up when you see the benefits.

How do we optimise content?

There are a number of ways we improve the content on your key commercial pages.  This includes looking at various aspects of the actual content in terms of how it’s written, plus the technical on-page SEO factors that can improve the page performance.

Content Elements

  • Content length
  • Relevancy to searcher intent
  • Structure and layout
  • Calls to action
  • Language and tone
  • Optimising for featured snippets

Technical Elements

  • Header tags
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Analysis of search results
  • Internal linking

Consider how much more business you could generate from a web page that was appearing on page one of Google for your target keywords.

There is a significant investment in designing and building a website – you want (and need) to get a return on that investment.

Our content optimisation service is perfect for this.

Best news is that all this is yours from just £500 per month. Call Sam to discuss your specific requirements and get on the road to generating more revenue from your website.

And if you want more information about law firm marketing then let us know.