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Helping law firms improve their digital marketing to increase revenue and profitability.

Law firm marketing is under increasing pressure as costs are compressed and efficiency becomes a buzzword. Government crackdowns on referral fees for certain claim types and restrictions on marketing activity means that law firms need to be ahead of the game when it comes to marketing.

If you are looking to generate more clients and claims for less money than you’re currently paying, then read on – as we give you a full guide to marketing for law firms.

We explain the basics, give some advice on more advanced legal marketing options and offer some tips and advice on how to market your law firm.

Costs can escalate quite quickly for this type of law firm advertising and so a digital approach to advertising where ROI can be more accurately measured is often preferred.

Law Firm

The great news is that law firm marketing is easier than it seems. Reaching thousands of potential new clients is possible with the click of a button – so no matter what size your firm, you can compete with the biggest legal practices in the country.

We’ve been marketing law firms for 10 years across traditional print and offline platforms as well as online, with SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing.

Our results have seen firms grow from relative obscurity to top performing businesses with over 100,000 new clients per year.

We’ve worked within B2B and B2C and the basic premise is the same – you sell the benefits of your firm (not the services) in a way that is simple and easy to understand for that specific audience.

What Is Law
Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing is essentially everything you do to promote your business, manage its reputation, and build relationships with clients.

What does every great law firm need?


Not only are your clients the source of your revenue, but they are referral sources for additional revenue – as long as you treat them right.

Effective marketing will enable more potential clients to find out about your services, be persuaded to use them, and then experience such a great service that they leave fantastic reviews online and tell their friends and family about you.

This is our marketing communications triumvirate of; increasing traffic, converting more enquiries, retaining more clients.

An added bonus of using Legmark is you benefit from our experience working in-house with law firms, unlike many other marketing agencies. This means we have a better understanding of what happens after the phone rings – all the areas where you might lose clients and lose money.

Law firm marketing is essentially everything you do to promote your business, manage its reputation, and build relationships with clients.

What you might not realise is that every member of your staff impacts on your marketing. Each client interaction, post on social media, or chat down the pub, leaves potential clients with a perception of your business.

If you have the budgets then TV, radio, and print advertising are popular ‘above the line’ options – above the line being mass advertising with less targeting involved.

Marketing Your
Law Firm

Marketing your law firm should be an investment and not a cost. Unfortunately there are lots of marketing campaigns that don’t work, and plenty of marketing agencies who aren’t doing a good enough job.

Law firm marketing is not just about tipping more enquiries into the hopper, but looking at all aspects of the customer journey to optimise each and every case that comes through your door.

This means having the right sales staff answering phone calls and responding to emails, making sure your best solicitors deal with the right clients, and that your client communications are on point.

Marketing your law firm should be an investment and not a cost.

Law Firm
Marketing Ideas

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses and we tend to find there are some key areas that almost all our clients can focus on for some quick wins, including:

  • Improving customer service
  • Implementing a referral scheme
  • Setting up online reviews

Word of mouth marketing is so important for a healthy and profitable business. Your customer service runs throughout the life cycle of the interaction your client has with the practice.

You’ll be surprised at how you can reduce your marketing costs by improving the client retention after a customer journey review.

We look at all the touch points and how clients are being communicated with, and often find areas to easily improve for some quick wins.

Some simple legal marketing tips:

  • Get your entire staff on board
  • Review your client communications and user experience
  • Have an active and engaged social media profile
  • Employ a specialist legal marketing agency
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Improve your website performance
  • Pay experts for high ranking, high converting landing pages
  • Thoroughly train sales staff
  • Constantly analyse the data to find ways to improve


Our services include:

Content writing

Content marketing

Social media marketing

…and so much more that can help you grow your business!

If you need to market individual solicitors and lawyers to enhance their profiles, then we take a slightly different approach.

The focus switches to creating content such as thought leadership articles (which we can write for you) and management of individual social media accounts.

Senior solicitors and partners should have profiles on your website, written with a focus on conversion optimisation with plenty of trust and authority signals.

You may even want to give the marketing team access to their social media accounts to manage. Or if not, you can create social posts for them to update themselves.

Legal Marketing

The legal sector has tended to be slow on the uptake for marketing trends but is now looking more at SEO and digital marketing as a viable way to generate new business.

While things like blogging and video content becoming popular with law firms, there is not a clear evidence of ROI with this type of marketing.

In fact, blogging may well be diluting your website content and impacting on your Google rankings, and video content could be slowing down your website speed.

When the time of partners and solicitors is precious, you need to be 100% certain that having them write blog posts is the best use of their time.

Advertising for
Law Firms

Law firm advertising is a guaranteed way to make sure your business is seen by potential clients – although it comes at a price of course.

You can buy advertising on Google PPC while you are working on improving your organic search rankings – once you’re position 1-3 for your key search terms, removing your PPC spend instantly means cheaper client acquisition costs.

(One leading consumer firm we worked with were able to generate claims at one sixth of the typical referral cost when we achieved top rankings for some of the most competitive search terms in the sector.)

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