Author: Dora Derado Giljanović | Date: 29 April 2021

How Fresh Content Influences Google Rankings

Fresh content is considered to be an important aspect of SEO. The term ‘fresh’ essentially refers to new or timely content – it can also be simply updating an older article.

What’s important here though are the implications of fresh content: The opportunities for internal linking; the positioning of your business as a leading authority; and increasing the number of different search terms you could appear in Google results for.

Simply put, you have a better chance of your site ranking higher the more frequently you post high-quality new content. That doesn’t mean knocking out 4-500-word blog posts every day, but in-depth, comprehensive and authoritative articles on relevant subjects. Quality is the critical aspect here.

Google algorithms are always evolving. Having shared the opportunity over the past few weeks for you to view your current site’s performance against Google’s core web vitals and compare your scores to the top 200 law firms’ you too will hopefully be more familiar with analysing your site’s performance scores.

The insights we provided will help you become more familiar with Google algorithms and metrics. Providing ways to improve your site to give your visitors the best possible experience.

Today we turn our attention to helping you better understand the importance of fresh content. Having previously shared our insights on Google algorithms and page experience, today we explore the reasons why fresh content is king and critical to your website.

Fresh Content…


…Improves organic Keyword Optimisation

Fresh content improves keyword optimisation because you can include the best, most relevant keywords to help your website rank better for those phrases. Publishing new pages with these keywords reminds search engines that your website is relevant to those keywords and will improve search engine positioning.


…Drives more traffic to your website

Fresh regular content can help you build a returning audience, which drives more regular traffic to your site. The more that people come to your website and bring traffic, the more authority your website has on search engines. This will improve SEO and help your page rank higher on search engines.


….Improves website authority

Building links between your own sites pages and securing backlinks from relevant trusted sources helps to give your website a better authority. Adding new content and creating a new link for your websites provides more opportunity to reference and include links to your website.


….Improves search engine results

The more frequently you publish new content the more Google spiders or website crawlers will find these and index the new pages. When more content is indexed from a website, it improves the ranking on search engine results. Updating existing content can also improve SEO across your website as the crawlers can detect new pages and fresh content.

How do you maintain fresh content?

This starts with understanding your audience and writing engaging pages that accurately describe your topic and how your offerings can help people fulfill their needs. Be helpful, accurate and knowledgeable. Consider the words that your target user would type to find your website and optimise your pages around those keywords.

The importance of fresh content can be very powerful when leveraged correctly. Regularly updating your website with fresh content will not only help you gain trust and loyalty from your visitors but will also gain authority with Google.

But – here’s the massive ‘but’ – you need to make sure the content is high-quality.  We have improved the rankings of clients by actually deleting hundreds and thousands of pages of ‘thin’ content.  This is content with low word counts, not relevant, or that is simply not being visited or is being ranked in Google.

We have developed guidelines for law firms to cover all forms of content based on our knowledge of how to rank pages, and of the type of articles the legal sector produces. Contact us if you want to buy a copy of these content guidelines and get the lowdown on our tried and trusted methods.