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Get More Visitors - Generate More Claims - Retain More Clients

Get More Visitors

We evaluate your place in the digital landscape against your main competitors. This includes rankings and ranking opportunities, web traffic, high and low performing pages, social media accounts and usage, link opportunities through content marketing, PR and brand awareness opportunities, website performance and accessibility and PPC/Social Media advertising.

Generate More Claims

We take the current web and digital traffic and look at how we can improve the conversion rates to increase enquiries and conversions. This includes landing page performance, calls to action, initial client/enquiry contact, webchat, phones, web forms, and website traffic quality and PPC/social media advertising plus cross device/browser performance and accessibility.

Retain More Clients

We combine mystery shopping with client feedback along with the existing best practice knowledge to identify problem areas of user experience, customer service, staff development/training and client communication. This looks to plug the gaps in the colander of claim attrition rates and provide ways to find and keep more clients.

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There is no one size fits all approach with LegMark - only bespoke marketing that's right for you.